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Brees Adult dawa + Propolis Tincture Bundles
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Boost Immunity & Improve Health Naturally.

Discover the amazing benefits of our Brees Dawa and Propolis Suspension, packed with the natural goodness of propolis to give your  immune system the boost it needs to thrive.
For that little extra immune support, our  Propolis and Dawa is the perfect solution for adults and kids who want to give to maintain Good health.

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Brees Adult Dawa + Propolis Tincture

Kids Pineaple Dawa + Propolis Suspension

What do people say about Brees Dawa & Propolis

Kiarie wa Nduberi


The 3rd day the cough disappeared, the itchy eye allergies gone!

My son has been having this unending coughs, the ones which are terrible at night like njahis.. Have tried cough syrups for the three weeks in vain … Until someone recommended this thing.. Bought it for 600 and today is the 3rd day the cough has disappeared, the itchy eye allergies has gone…been giving him 3 drops daily.. And it’s still full, i think he will use it till university or his baby sis will… Ama wacha tu

Maureen Bulili


My house is hoba free

What would my household be like without you Bree’s Bees!My house is hoba free .Thank God for you.Sending love from Narok county!

Joe Mwaura Karanja


Propolis Suspension Chapaz Flu and Coughs!!!
This Propolis Suspension Chapaz Flu and Coughs Mateke harder than the way Size 8 throws them at Shetani…Yaani in after taking it, in two days that irritating cough and bad allergies will be gone kapsaa.. Hii Mtoto akikunywa twice or thrice a day, Cough syrups atakuwa akizionea ViuSasa…
This one is a ka-miracle that ever happened in my house. Infact after God, fear Propolis..Nikabaya na kuponya….
Bree’s Bees Hapa mlicheza kama Nyinyi..Halafu hiyo Dawa Concortion si ni motoooo!…No bad sore throats formed against us will prosper again..

It took a while to adjust to the taste, but the dawa worked miracles - chest cleared up & didn't even notice my PMs that are usually crazy at this time because she arrived with my face glowing and no stubborn pimples.



What would i do without Bree's Bees i have to say Our nights are a lot more calm , the coughs have subsided and may i say this is Value for Money . i recommend Bree's Bees Products to anyone

Maina maina

5/5 has the most consistent and solid dawa I have ever had hands down. Dawa is a lifestyle. This is right here is a game changer. The morning kick is so effective it's my go to productive drink. Never going back to Tea /Coffee.

Mots Edwin Mutwiri

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